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Shameless US Big Bang
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A fanfiction and art challenge for fans of Shameless (US).
A challenge where authors get two months to write at least 15,000 words of fanfiction in the Shameless (US) fandom. Artists sign up and claim fics halfway through. Art can include things from traditional art to gifsets, fanvids and fanmixes. Every fic WILL have an artist!

Round 4 Schedule:
September 6th - Sign-Ups Open (Author, Beta & Artist!)
October 4th - Author Checkpoint
October 11th - Rough Drafts Due
October 14th - Summary Preview for Artists
October 18th - Artist Claims
November 1st - Artist & Author Checkpoint
November 15th - Artist & Author Checkpoint
November 25th - Posting Schedule Up
November 29th - Posting Begins

Rules and Information
Sign Ups: Author | Artist | Beta

To contact this bang, email shamelessbigbang@gmail.com or contact the mod for this round: magneticdice

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